Mako Craft has a proud tradition of building a range of quality aluminium boats with cutting edge design, strength and value. The Stessl Families passion and integrity continues with the opening of their new factory in Victoria. 

Since the inception of Mako Craft in 2005 it has fast become highly regarded in the boating industry and is renowned for its innovation created through over thirty years of experience and input from many of our customers. Mako Craft are built for boaties, fisherman and families never compromising on materials or build and we pride ourselves in delivering value for money boats. Mako Craft are designed with safety of your family and friends of paramount importance.

Little did Alf Stessl realise when he was about to embark on his first dealer delivery run in 1975 that it would be the beginning of what has become an integral part of Australian boat manufacturing history. How things have changed since the early days of building our dealer network one dealer at a time by carting boats around the countryside convincing them on the benefits of our boats.

In 1980 Alf Stessl secure a contract with the Royal Australian Navy and was commissioned to build over 500 Light Utility Boat’s, many of these very boats are still in operational service with the Navy today. Never one to follow, Alf introduced the first production plate aluminium boat in 1983, the Yellow Fin.

In the early nineties Alf designed the Edge Tracker System that is the signature of The Stessl Family Company and the design in which many other boat manufacturer have attempted to copy but never succeeded. The Stessl tradition continued with the revolutionary tri hull Stinger and the range of Tournament boats from the legendary Bass Boss to the Estuary Tracker and Frenzy ranges. Alf’s Edge Tracker system has evolved into the Mako Craft range of boats in three variations, The Outer Edge Hull System, Track Rail Hull System and the Edge Bottom Hull System. 

Makocraft boats are built by boaties and fishermen as if they were building one for themselves. Never compromising on materials and always building them over market standards.

Makocraft boats have evolved from over thirty years of listening to people’s feedback on our designs, layouts and fixtures and then processing this feedback into new designs.

Makocraft boats are all designed with your safety and that of your family and friends as of paramount importance.

We believe that Makocraft boats are the best value that money can buy. Giving you more boat for your dollar.

With this dedication and commitment to bringing you that best range of aluminium boats available, Family Boats are proud to be dealers of this iconic Australian made boat brand.


Family Boats will give you a competitive package on Makocraft Boats.


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